Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Can't copy and paste from a Barclays bank statement PDF (SECURED in the title bar)

You might find that when you try and copy and paste from a Barclays bank statement you're no longer allowed to do this. If you're trying to get a reference number out of the document this is infuriating as you end up having to try and copy a 16 digit number by eye, and when doing business accounts doing it many times.

You'll see that there's no copy command when you right click the text

You'll notice the word SECURED in the title bar

This is some nonsensical security added by Barclays.

To resolve this issue do the following

  • Open the PDF file in Google Chrome
  • Click Print
  • Select the destination as Save As PDF
  • Click Save and select a destination
You can now copy from the PDF

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