Friday, 22 July 2016

Automate PCI-DSS Requirements

Today we received a testimonial from one of our customers using our software to help with their PCI-DSS requirements.

We're hoping to improve the alignment of XIA Configuration Server to PCI-DSS in the coming months.

XIA Configuration Server has helped us with reporting and evidence gathering aspects of the PCI-DSS process and has provided valuable insight into systems that have not met specific PCI-DSS requirements for remediation purposes.

The software is light on system resources and requirements great when for IT audits and other system checks to ensure that required systems are in line with PCI-DSS requirements.

The version comparison feature provides proof against change controls and provide a great time saving advantage on otherwise tedious admin overhead.

The CENTREL Solutions team is dedicated to providing service excellence and provide product enhancements to keep up with our growing demands.

Shimmy Garoeb
System Administrator (IT Operations)

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