Friday, 19 June 2015

Get-BrokerScopedObject command returns the UID of the scoped object rather than the UUID

Whilst working on our Citrix Documentation tool we've noticed some more inconsistency between the Citrix PowerShell commands.

When you're looking to find the objects that are referenced by a scope you have to run several commands (for some reason there is no Get-ScopedObject cmdlet).


The issue is that the Get-BrokerScopedObject returns the ObjectID as the UID an integer in string format of the object whereas the other command return the UUID (in GUID format).

The UID is unique only within the object type whereas the UUID is universally unique to any object within the site and therefore more useful.

The solution to this is to read the "ObjectType" enum value and then obtain the UUID using another command

If the ObjectType is DesktopGroup then run the command
Get-BrokerDesktopGroup =UID ObjectId

If the ObjectType is Catalog then run the command
Get-BrokerCatalog =UID ObjectId

And read the UUID property of the returned value.

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