Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Citrix Get-XALoadBalancingPolicyFilter

Having been working with Citrix XenApp products over the last two weeks we've been inundated with problems with the product.

The latest seems to be that the Get-XALoadBalancingPolicyFilter does not provide the information correctly.

When running the command Get-XALoadbalancingFilter you get the same PowerShell output regardless what is configured in the user interface "Any Connection" or "Any connection that meets the any of the following filters".

It is therefore impossible to use PowerShell to accurately determine the current access control configuration settings. It's also not very reassuring that the text in the user interface is written incorrectly.

The following scrreenshot displays the user interface with different configuration settings and the corresponding PowerShell cmdlet output incorrectly showing the same configuration settings.

We've raised this issue with Citrix, if anyone else has any experience of this please let us know!

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