Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Windows Update Configuration

With XIA Configuration Server version 6 it's never been easier to automatically create professional IT documentation.

For this release one of the capabilities we've added is to be able to automatically document your Windows / Microsoft Update configuration including your WSUS settings on your servers and workstations.

Windows Update is an essential security related service

The information automatically documented on your Windows machines includes the Windows Update mode and schedule

  • Whether recommended updates are included
  • Whether to include other Microsoft products
  • Registered Services
  • Whether to allow non-administrators to receive update notifications
  • Whether automatic maintenance is enabled and whether it can wake the computer
  • Windows Update (WSUS) server
  • Windows Update (WSUS) statistics server
  • Whether to enable client-side targeting
  • Client-side target group

For more information see the Windows Update Configuration page on our site

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