Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Audit NTFS Permissions

You can now audit NTFS and share level permissions with XIA Configuration Server version 5 as well as general share configuration.

This allows you to detect changes to your share and NTFS permissions.

Share Settings

  • Description
  • Share name
  • Path
  • Type
  • Cache Settings
  • Access Based Enumeration
  • Directory Exists

Share Permissions

  • Account Name
  • Action (Allow or Deny)
  • Rights

NTFS Security

  • Owner
  • Account name
  • Inherited
  • Action
  • Rights
  • Propagation Flags

XIA Configuration automatically detects and documents user created shares as well as administrative shares such as IPC$, C$, Admin$ and print$. Whilst these shares display the NTFS permissions assigned to the directory assigned to the share it is important to note that share level permissions are not displayed for administrative shares as they are controlled by the operating system and cannot be configured by the user.

For more information see the Windows server agent capability on the following XIA Configuration Server page

Server Documentation Tool

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