Tuesday, 4 September 2012

When adding RDP users to a read only domain controller you receive the error "The request is not supported"

When you try to modify the users who are allowed to connect to a read only domain controller using RDP you receive the following error

The following error occurred while attempting to save properties for group Remote Desktop Users on computer <name>:

The request is not supported

This is because the user interface is trying to modify the domain group, as the Directory Services on this server is read-only this is not possible.

It is however possible to change the users that can RDP onto this server without modifying the Active Directory group

Modify the Local Security Policy (this has to be done on domain controllers regardless of them being an RODC to allow non administrators to connect via RDP).

Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Allow Logon through Remote Desktop Services

Add the "Remote Desktop Users" group

Modify the local "Remote Desktop Users" role on the RODC

local roles
add <Domain\UserName> "Remote Desktop Users"
Show Role "Remote Desktop Users"

The user specified should now be able to logon to the RODC through Remote Desktop

NOTE: If you have delegated permissions for a user to be an administrator on the RODC they will automatically have the ability to connect to the RODC using RDP


  1. Unfortunatelly I cannot add or change anything there.
    In "Allow Logon through Remote Desktop Services" everything is grayed off.

  2. You probably have a group policy set in Active Directory that is overwriting the local policy.