Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Citrix XenDesktop PowerShell cmdlet Get-BrokerScopedObject returns Object does not exist

We're currently working on XenDesktop support for our Citrix documentation tool and came across a problem today.

When you create a new scope and don't reference any objects using the Get-BrokerScopedObject cmdlet and passing the newly created scope identifier may return an Object does not exist error.

Get-BrokerScopedObject -ScopeId "1d3cf716-d063-4ed9-8ac1-fc8415cf6862"
Get-BrokerScopedObject : Object does not exist

This seems to be inconsistent behaviour because using the scope name returns no error and simply returns no results as you would expect.
Get-BrokerScopedObject -ScopeName "Quick scope"

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