Thursday, 22 June 2017

Can't remove HP Printer on Windows 10, status: Removing Device

You may find when you're trying to remove a HP printer on Windows 10 that you can't and the printer is stuck in printers in control panel.

Clicking Remove Device does nothing and the status of the printer is displayed as Removing Device. Rebooting does not resolve the issue.

Attempting to uninstall the HP software hangs during the uninstallation.

The method I used to resolve this issue was as follows

  • Reboot the computer and login as the built-in Administrator account.
  • Check the Print Spooler service is running.
  • Goto device manager and uninstall the WSD Print Provider for this printer.

  • Then remove the Software devices related to the printer.

  • If you go back to the printer you will see that the icon has changed.

  • Reboot the computer again, and login as the built-in Administrator account and then you should now be able to remove the printer.

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